About Kelli

Hello and welcome! I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m Kelli Dunn, a 30-something gal living in New York City, trying my very hardest to find balance between clean eating and indulging my very persistent sweet tooth, while maintaining an active lifestyle.

I’m passionate about creating and sharing seasonal, fresh, accessible recipes. While I love to cook, I recognize that not everyone feels at home in the kitchen. I hope to help you change that! My mission is to make cooking feel a little less intimidating, approachable and fun, one recipe at a time.

There’s a serious soft spot in my heart for oysters, ice cream & farmer’s markets, and my day cannot begin without a large mug of coffee (just a splash of cream, please). When I’m not in the kitchen (or in front of my computer) you’re likely to find me in Central Park training for triathlon, planning my next trip or with my nose in a book.

I’m a graduate of the French Culinary Center and a Contributing Editor for the popular home cooking site, The Kitchn.

In August 2014, I released my first eCookbook - Everyday Freekeh Meals: 30 Recipes for an Ancient Grain

If you’re not yet familiar with freekeh, very simply put it’s wheat. Think of freekeh as a “new” ancient grain. It’s been around for centuries, but only recently started growing in popularity. And for good reason! Aside from tasting good, it’s loaded with nutritional benefits. Everyday Freekeh Meals includes 30 versatile, easy-to-make, delicious freekeh recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and of course, dessert!

Everyday Frekeeh Meals eCookbook

Have a question? Want to chat? Email me at thecornerkitchennyc@gmail.com

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